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Jae Chong is a well-known composer/producer in Asia with over 500 credited songs and over 70 million albums sold, he has worked with many international songwriters such as A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Coco Lee, Nick Chou, AZIATIX, HyunA and more.
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Nicky Lee, a renowned singer, producer, creator and an actor. The album "Baby It's Me" has earned him the 18th Golden Melody Awards for Best Male Mandarin Singer, and was nominated again at the 29th Golden Melody Awards with the album "Will You Remember". Some of his best-known works include "I Will Be Well", "Not Perfect", and "Think Too Much".
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Jae Chong, Nicky Lee
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Lyricist: Lin Yan Tsen
Songwriter: Jae Chong / Nicky Lee
Performer: Nicky Lee
Album: Hao Jiu
Release Date: 2010. 09
The opening song for Korean Drama "Cruel Love".
Nicky Lee's heart sinks everytime he sings this song - and his emotions would take quite some time to recover. The sentence “can't remember why we forgot to bid farewell” touches everyone's heart. This is the most painstaking one in the album yet his favorite one as well.