Understand Music Copyright Tokens In 3 Minutes
Let's start from this story: Michael Jackson understood the value of music copyrights.
In 1985, he purchased the rights to the Beatles catalog for 47.5 million dollars.
10 years later, half of the right was sold to Sony for 100 million dollars.
Another 21 years later, Sony purchased the rest of the right at 750 million dollars.

Back then, very few people understood the value of music copyrights!

Everybody knows that copyrights are extremely valuable. However... A study by the Berklee College of Music in 2015

Anywhere from 20-50 percent of music payments DO NOT make it to their rightful owners.

Along with digitalization of music, the music industry has evolved quickly.
"As a content creator myself, I understand the challenges that content creators face. Music copyrights are extremely valuable. Machi X's mission is to unlock the value of copyright for all content creators!"
—— Machi X Founder Machi Big Brother Jeffrey Huang
What are Music Copyright Tokens?
Through the use of distributed ledger technology, Machi X fractionalized and tokenized music copyrights. By splitting music copyrights into smaller pieces, fans are able to collect and own a fraction of the copyrights they like. In addition, music copyright tokens provide a novel way for the future of fan-artist interactions and unlock the value of music copyrights.
Why purchase copyright tokens?
By owning and collecting music copyright tokens, you are not just supporting the content creators, but also sharing in the success of each song.
What can I get from collecting music copyright?
Own a piece of the copyright itself
Supporting the content creator and the song itself. Allow the content creators to focus on their craft.
Exclusive fan-artist interactions
Receive the latest updates from content creators themselves. Get closer to the action.
Economic value
Every 6 months, Machi X will share portions of royalties for each song back to the music copyright token holders through smart contracts.
How do I purchase copyright tokens?
Payment options include credit card and cryptocurrencies.
Collect your first music copyright token now!

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