1. How do I register?
Please register at the upper-right corner of Machi X website. Please finish setting up your account while registering. After all steps have been completed, you will receive a verification email in your email inbox. Please verify your email within two minutes. If you did not receive the verification email, please click "resend". If you failed to receive the verification email multiple times, please email us at: [email protected] In addition, we suggest setting up your withdraw password at "Profile" page immediately once you've registered. This will bring you convenience when you wish to withdraw in the future.
2. Why is verification code required every time I log in?
For the security of funds, verification code will be sent to your email every time you log in. The verification code will expire in two minutes. Please input the correct verification code before expiration and you will be logged in.
3. How do I know the price? How much is the market price?
Market price depends on the supply and demand mechanism of the market. Current market price will be indicated on each transaction page of the copyright token. You can choose to proceed with market price, or come up with a price of your own and the system will match for you.
4. How to purchase copyright tokens?
Please click "Buy/Sell" in the transaction page of the copyright token you wish to purchase. You may enter the quantity, price, payment method of the item(s) you're purchasing. Please double check all numbers before purchasing. Please note that once you've sold the IP on Machi X, which is successfully out on the market, you will not be able to purchase the same order.
5. What are the available payment methods while purchasing?
We currently support two payment methods: credit card and cryptocurrencies. You can pay with card online, or purchase with cryptocurrencies such as MITH, BNB, BTC, DAI, ETH, USDT (ERC20), and USDT (Omni). If you choose to pay with credit card, you will be guided to the credit card payment page. The page expires in 15 minutes. Please complete payment process within 15 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion.
6. Once purchase is completed, where can I see the copyright tokens that I own?
You can view all your transaction records in "Records" page. This includes all successful and failed transaction records. You can also view all copyright tokens in your possession as well as download your certificate in "Collection" page.
7. How do I deposit cryptocurrencies to my wallet?
Machi X currently supports the deposit of these cryptocurrencies: MITH, MCX, BNB, BTC, DAI, ETH, USDT (ERC20), and USDT (Omni). The deposit address for various currencies will be available at "Wallet" page, which allows you to deposit from other wallets. In addition, credit card payment will be available at the page where you purchase copyright tokens.
8. How to sell?
Please click "Buy/Sell" in the transaction page of the copyright token you wish to sell. You may enter the quantity, price, payment method of the item(s) you're selling. Please double check all numbers before selling.
9. What are the methods which I can receive payments in while selling?
Current payment method is your wallet at Machi X. You can also choose to receive payment with cryptocurrencies such as MITH, BNB, BTC, DAI, ETH, USDT (ERC20), and USDT (Omni).
Transaction guide
1. How can I set up and modify my withdraw password of Machi X wallet?
Please finish setting up at your personal profile. The password length is 6 characters. Please note that there's a 24-hour-wait after you've initially finished setting up or reset your withdraw password.
2. What is Market order and Limit order?
Market orders will be matched by the market price of the time which you confirmed to buy or sell. Since the market price of digital assets can fluctuate any time, the price will be instantly matched upon and ordered as soon as you've purchased or sold. The final price will fluctuate in accordance with market order. If successfully matched, your transaction will be successful; if only a certain quantity has been matched, then only the quantity of transaction will be successful. The remaining amount will be refunded to your wallet. For Limit orders, you may decide the price of which you wish to buy/sell. Machi X will match the transaction within 72 hours of order. If successfully matched, the transaction will be deemed successful; if not, you can cancel your order within this time frame in "Records" page, or the system will automatically cancel it for you after 72 hours of order.
3. Why was I charged first when Limit orders are paid with credit card?
If you use credit card to pay with your Limit order, your credit card company will deduct the amount, yet it will be hold pending. Only when transaction is successfully matched, the payment will be authorized (only a portion of payment will be authorized when only a certain quantity of transaction is successful).
4. Is receiving a confirmation email of successful credit card payment the equivalence of purchase successful?
No. Payment successful simply means that the credit card company has authorized the amount, yet it doesn't necessarily mean that the order is successful. Please refer to the order status in "Records" page to check whether your order is successful (only when the transaction is confirmed upon will Machi X request the credit card company to authorize payment).
5. How can I cancel my Limit order?
You can view all of your transaction records at "Records" page. This includes pending Limit orders. You can click on "X" on the right to cancel order.
6. Why can't I file for a refund once the order is completed?
Due to the nature of the Machi X copyright tokens, no refund will be available.
Get to know Machi X
1. What is a copyright token?
Creators can release a portion of their copyright token and put it out on the market through Machi X. This is a channel for supporters and fans to directly interact with creators, stimulate copyright value and resolve the past issue of unfair copyright distribution.
2. Why should I support copyright tokens?
Supporting copyright tokens is the equivalence of supporting your favorite creators through actual action and joining in the success of the creator. Music copyright tokens you acquire on Machi X represent certain rights in relation to the composition (song/lyrics) and/or master recording, depending on the songs, plus other utilities such as membership into private chat channels, advanced previews to new songs, discounted ticket sales, and access to special events that are only available to token holders. The smart contracts will automatically share the benefits in relation to the royalty payments and other economic values of the underlying music copyrights in the form of USD stable coins, along with other utility value. Creators will receive your support, while the underlying copyrights will have the opportunity to truly see its value in the open market. By receiving the proper value of the copyrights of their creation, creators can better focus on creating their art.
3. What is MCX?
MCX is the currency issued by Machi X, which was established on the ERC-20 Blockchain. In the future MCX can be used for deducting transaction fees, social media votes and VIP services.
4. How can I acquire MCX?
As of 12:00 pm, October 16th, 2018, MCX will launch 10 Atomicdrops, once per month, over the course of 10 months. During each Atomicdrop, holders will receive the number of MCX tokens equivalent to 10% of their MITH tokens saved in their VAULT (including staked MITH).
5. What is the relationship between Machi X and Mithril?
Machi X and Mithril are independent business units. The two shares a tight partnership that integrates currencies and economics from both platforms which rewards MITH and MCX owners.
6. Can any creator issue their copyright token?
Creators with a stable fan-base can release their exclusive copyright token on Machi X. If your project has a group of supporters, please email us at [email protected]
Please email us at: [email protected] for other questions.