MCX Collective
Market Cap (USD)
Early conversations with artists joining the Machi X platform revealed that not only did artists want to have an open market for their work, they also wanted to have a way to own a part of the Machi X network. The Machi X project and its existing network of artists formed the MCX collective, where artists and fans of the IP tokens can all share in the value created through the underlying works of art tokenized and listed on Machi X.
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What is the MCX Collective?
Networked Interest
Artists and IP owners on Machi X are motivated by the common interest in securely collect, transfer, and trade music copyright ownership. In addition to listing their copyrights on Machi X, they can also own a part of this innovative network through owning MCX tokens. At listing, artists and IP owners can elect to commit a portion of each song’s total tokens into the MCX Collective pool in exchange for MCX tokens.
Ecosystem Growth Engine
Value from this portfolio of music copyrights will accrue to the MCX network. All participating artists and MCX holders will indirectly take part in the success of all of the copyrights collected in the MCX Collective.
Shared Success
Every artist, IP owner, and MCX holder that joins the Machi X platform adds value to the platform. Through the MCX Collective, success and growth of the copyrights held in the Collective will serve to benefit the entire MCX network. 100% of royalties and other associated economic benefits distributed to the copyright holdings in the MCX Collective will be applied toward a biannual MCX token burn.
MCX Collective Portfolio