New Arrivals

Traditional investments are challenging...

Everyone would love to invest like a whale if we could
High investment requirements.
These opportunities do not feel like mine
Hard to understand generally; takes many steps to get started.
Both get rich and get poor quick
Long shot, high risk.

Collecting and owning in copyrights feature...

Low barrier to entry
Purchase with just $30 NTD. Pay with credit cards and major cryptocurrencies. Takes 5 seconds to sign up.
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Valuable art assets with royalty distributions
Copyright tokens are asset-backed, like stable coins. Token holders are eligible for royalty distributions every 6 months.
Understand copyright value
Support the songs artists you love; be part of the crew and get special access!
You used to collect albums. Now you can own the songs. Collect music copyrights while supporting your favorite artists. Get exclusive access to content and events.
Browse song copyrights
Diversify your holdings
Through the use of blockchain, copyrights can be fractionalized and easily traded. With equities and real estate markets at their peak, owning an uncorrelated asset can diversify your portfolio.
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What are copyright tokens?

Through the use of blockchain, Machi X has fractionalized copyright ownership into copyright tokens.
Fans, collectors, and investors can purchase fractions of copyright in the form of cryptographic tokens.
When the market value of the copyright rises or fall, copyright tokens also become more or less valuable.
Buy and sell copyright tokens on Machi X, and earn profits with ease.
Royalties are distributed through smart contract automation every 6 months. Share in the same pool of royalties that the artists collect.

Comparing copyrights with other assets

Account Opening
Min. investment threshold
Machi X Copyrights
5 seconds to register.
Place an order with just $30 NTD.
Diversified/Non-correlated assets; not impacted by fiscal/monetary policies; backed by real assets.
User-friendly interface - simply choose a song to purchase; suitable for beginners.
Account Opening
Min. investment threshold
Submit identifying information, employment status and multiple signatures.
Buy 1 share usually costs more than $100 USD.
Correlated with major market movements such as the stock/equities market, fiscal/monetary policies, etc.
Lots of esoteric terms; time-consuming to perform fundamental and technical analysis.
Account Opening
Min. investment threshold
Submit identifying information, employment status and multiple signatures.
Regular fixed investment minimum is $3,000-$5,000 NTD.
Correlated with major market movements such as the stock/equities market, fiscal/monetary policies, etc.
Time-consuming to research and understand each fund.
Account Opening
Min. investment threshold
Other cryptocurrencies
Each exchange varies. Normally requires KYC.
Each exchange varies.
Extremely high, often not backed by real assets. Price movements are generally not tied to fundamental causes. Hard for new investors to understand.
Complex interface, tailored for tech-savvy users, time-consuming to research and understand.

How can I purchase copyright tokens?

Sign up
Look for songs you like or want to collect.
Place an order and purchase with cryptocurrency or credit card.
Build your portfolio of copyrights. Elevate from fans to record label moguls. Trade your copyrights or receive royalties every 6 months.
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Machi X Launches Beta of First Open Marketplace for Tokenized Intellectual Property
Machi X — the open marketplace for tokenized intellectual property rights — recently launched its Beta version of the platform, a critical step in building a new framework for content creators, musicians, and other creative songwriters to tokenize copyrights and connect directly with their supporters.
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Break the uneven profit distribution of music intellectual properties! The virtual marketplace brought to you by Jeffrey Huang creates an income source for creators.
The founder of Mithril, Jeffrey Huang saw an opportunity in blockchain and announced the release of Machi X, the social marketplace for intellectual properties. Through the power of technology, this platform helps creators in creating a transparent income source as well as project exposure opportunities.
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Machi X Launches Beta Marketplace for Tokenized Intellectual Property and Copyrights
Machi X recently launched its Beta marketplace for musicians to distribute tokens representing intellectual property (IP) and copyrights directly to fans and supporters. As a novel mechanism for directly connecting fans and songwriters, Machi X is an open marketplace for fractionalized ownership in the copyrights of songs. The platform plans on expanding into more creative areas including movies and TV shows.
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Jeffrey Huang's latest hit on blockchain: Machi X, where buying intellectual properties is buying tokens!
Machi X, the "social marketplace for intellectual properties" is a new service of blockchain brought to you by Jeffrey Huang following the release of Mithril. In short, it transforms the intellectual properties of music into Tokens based on Ethereum ERC-20, where listing and selling is possible. Users will be able to purchase with credit cards or stable currencies such as USDT and DAI. The prices of these tokens fluctuates, and the users are allowed to purchase and sell them as preferred.
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Machi X Launches Beta Platform For Social Marketplace of Intellectual Property
Machi X — the intellectual property marketplace — recently launched the Beta version of its platform for connecting copyright owners and their supporters. Conceived by Jeffrey Huang, the award-winning Taiwanese musician, Machi X is designed as an open marketplace for content creators, songwriters, and musicians to tokenize the intellectual property (IP) rights of their creations, enabling supporters to purchase fractionalized ownership in copyrights.
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CRYPTO COPYRIGHT BOMB 2019? Machi X Interview
Machi X is the first platform in the world for tokenized asset/copyright trading, enables buying and selling intellectual property.
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Forget STO - Tokenize Intellectual Property :Machi X
What is overlooked is the tokenizing of Intellectual Property - like a particular song or film. This directly gives value to a token and allows it to capture the long-term value of the song or movie.Machi X is currently being built as an exchange to trade tokenized IP rights.
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"Machi Big Brother" Jeffrey Huang strikes again: realize "valuable creation" through blockchain.
In short, Machi X is an IP exchange platform. After official review and verification, creators can sell their project IP on Machi X platform.
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Machi X, IP exchange platform, brought to you by Mithril Team.
IP is one of the most valuable asset in the world. Through Machi X, any collectors can participate in the investment of an IP and receive equivalent return on investment. This is a path to ideality.
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Machi X - Social Marketplace for Music Copyrights
The purpose of Machi X is to tokenize Intellectual Property (IP). Machi X will function as an exchange for tokenized songs, films and other Intellectual Properties. Aiming to be a one-stop-shop to enable fractional ownership of various intellectual properties.